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what you’ll find on my blog

I believe you should be the author of your life – not live one that’s written for you.  In order to design the life you wish for, you need just that… ORDER!  My blog is about anything and everything order {which luckily for me & readers provides tremendously diverse – and fabulous – topic possibilities}…

  • home {oasis}
  • entertaining {holidays / get-togethers / everyday celebrations}
  • family {kids / parenting / story / traditions}
  • style {developing + favorites}
  • relationships {friends + mate}
  • self care {passions / authenticity / wellness / fun / streamline / spirit}
  • favorites {books / websites / blogs / gift ideas / organizational products / etc}

ORDER can help you not only create that best-seller but bring it to life!

about me…

  • live in Florida with my husband and two boys, ages 9 and soon to be 7
  • our animals:  Beagle Basset mix + our indoor cat one & adopted outdoor ones + guinea pig + multiplying fish + 2 frogs
  • after college, worked outside of home until having kids; love (sometimes don’t like, but do love if you know what I mean) being a mom
  • founder of Angela Harris Design, Inc. – my company provides organizational services {both residential and small business} and designs albums {for preserving chapters in one’s life}   BTW, if you or someone you know are engaged or expecting {or both!}, please visit my company’s website and check out our wedding + baby albums.  {Legacy and Occasions albums are in the works – will be introduced in Fall 2010!} 

my LOVES {in no particular order}…

  • family
  • good food + wine
  • animals
  • when I feel at peace {spiritually centered – for me, close to God}
  • friends + people in general that have that good vibe
  • a new day
  • my mantra:  surround yourself with what you love
  • organizing stuff
  • lazy days
  • reading {from magazines to books to stuff on-line}
  • forgiveness
  • experiencing how order can transform one’s life {on many levels}
  • beach + good beach chair
  • good ambiance
  • my pilates reformer {favorite purchase}
  • respect
  • passion {on different levels}
  • aesthetically pleasing environment
  • growing out of comfort zone = transforming/evolving
  • DVR
  • sitting by water or fireplace
  • realizing saying “no” can be a very good {healthy} thing
  • quiet time alone {a requirement for my sanity – at least for 15 minutes a day…minimum!}
  • music {my iTunes library is SO random} + iPod / iTunes – downloading with a click
  • streamlining

My Dislikes {from mildly irritating to intense:  in that order}…

  • wire coat hangers
  • cords {the electrical ones that aren’t very attractive}
  • scheduled-to-the-max days
  • feeling unprepared / running late
  • excuses {mine and others’}
  • in-authenticity
  • negative / snobby people
  • judgmental / ignorant / conniving people
  • feeling not at peace {usually as a result of not living/being/acting/thinking/doing the way I know I should}
  • prejudice people

get in touch…

here on blog + twitter {angeladesign} + facebook {setting up shortly} +


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  1. Missy Harbort Hammett permalink
    September 17, 2010 3:44 pm

    I LOVE your blogs!!!!! You are a very interesting person….. Makes me wish I would have gotten to know you better in school!!! We have a lot of the same likes and dislikes (I hate wire hangers)….. Anyway, I hope you are doing well…. Take care and I will be following your blogs from here on out…..

  2. September 17, 2010 5:45 pm

    Missy, thank you SO much for kind words! That’s one of things I love most about fb is getting to know / catch up with people from past! Would LOVE for you to follow blog and for you to comment / give ideas / suggestions any time. (BTW, I’ve recognized many similar things too – just from reading posts : ) Thanks again, Missy!


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