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Meet our order makeover winner!!

September 20, 2010

When my new company {Angela Harris Design} launched in the spring, we announced our order makeover giveaway.  One of our newsletter readers submitted her good friend’s name {with her friend’s permission!} and her friend is who we selected!  Please meet our winner: Danielle Walker!

Danielle + Family!


The first thing I do with a client is to find out more about them.  Although everyone seeking the help of a professional organizer craves more order, there are many more facets below the surface that, when discovered, help create a much more personalized plan of action. Order can have many definitions, and priorities for one is often completely different than those of another. Organizing – along with tweaking and maintaining it – is definitely not a one size fits all! Since no client is the same, getting to know each at the start of our partnership together is vital to me.

Back to our winner!  I love simply being in the presence of Danielle.  {She has great energy about her – evident the moment I met her.}  Here are some Q&A’s to help YOU get to know Danielle!

What’s your ideal vision for your home?
I want a home that is comfortable and welcoming. I want a home that is organized and maintained to keep our stress level down and our overall enjoyment of being there pleasurable.

What’s your favorite thing about your home?
I love the colors.  If I had to redo it I would do it the same.

On a scale of 1 to 10 {10 being extremely}, how would you rate your level of being organized?

I would say it varies from different aspects of my life. I would probably give myself a 3.

Where do you wish for more order?
My bedroom.  It is the catchall because I can keep it hidden from the rest of the world.  I pretty much shut my eyes to the chaos.

Favorite things:
My family, church, my friends my camera.

Things that drive you crazy:
Not being able to find something, forgetting to do something.

What will be the hardest part{s} in this organization process?
Making the time to do it in the crazy schedule that I keep and making the tough decisions about what to keep or get rid of.

Wish / goal for us working together:
That what we accomplish will actually stick.  That I will make  some life long changes that will positively impact the mood in our home and family life.

A little about you + family:
I have 3 children, Jordan will be going into his sophomore year , Elle is going into 8th grade and Gracie is going to be in 5th grade.  They are all very active in their own passions so our schedules, like most people these days, involve a lot of coming and going.

Why you love what you do:
Taking photos is my passion and it brings so much joy to my life when I create an image for someone that they love.  I love my time working with individuals and building relationships through my business.

Tomorrow, I’ll share the bedroom {Danielle’s room of choice} Before & After’s along with a few awesome things I learned from her!!! {I’m always on the lookout for good tips for myself and things I can share with my clients and readers!}     Stayed tuned…

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  1. marybelle smith permalink
    September 21, 2010 11:22 am

    A, cute family. Can’t wait to see before and after.


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