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Do your kids S P A R K L E ?

June 24, 2010

“Sparkle” means different things to me but what this post is about is how I use it with the kids. At a desperate (I-want-to-run-away) moment, I bought one of John Rosemond’s parenting books and adopted his “earning tickets to trade in for privileges” concept.  I called them “golden tickets” and it actually worked quite well.  Our pediatrician also recommended this, emphasizing the positive stuff, not just the negative (a good way of living for all ages).

Our "SPARKLE" Plate

Our "SPARKLE" plate (we made it at a pottery painting place)

Now we (well, I – my husband will give out a “good job”) give out SPARKLES.  When the boys are doing something above and beyond, they get a sparkle.  Sparkles can’t be cashed in and I don’t have a clue how many they have.  It’s simply a way to recognize doing something (unexpectedly – at least for our kids) good.  What they do get – besides feeling good when doing good – is the use of the much coveted “sparkle plate” during a meal.

(Please note: My personal disclaimer from a previous post needs to be extended to the OTHERS living under my roof!  And by no means am I a parenting authority – just passing along what DOES seem to work for us!)

While it’s great to earn stuff, they {we} need to do good things when they {we} aren’t getting something for it.  Hopefully this will become a habit – doing good when no one will ever even know they {we} did it.  Doing it for the sake of doing it … not for the golden tickets, acclaim, sparkles, accolades, recognition…  (I do believe the good you do “comes back” to you but that’s a different post!)

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