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Imitation . . . The Sincerest Form of Flattery

May 14, 2010

For those of us that are stylishly challenged, making decisions (from what rug would be best for your family room to how to accessorize a certain outfit) can be a overwhelming.  When I buy something, I don’t like to settle.  I want it to be something I’ll have for a long time (practical + good quality) – AND something that I love when I see / use / wear it.  I do, however, have budget and time-limitations.

What’s one of the things that helps me?


For as long as I can remember (since my love of reading magazines started), one of my favorites things to do (my husband would probably refer to it as my “obsession”) is tearing images I love out of magazines. My categories range from Home to Entertaining, and from Cool Kid Ideas to Great Gift Ideas.  (And of course there’s a BIG one on labeled Best Organizing Ideas & Products.)

When I’m stuck in regards to “What should I do with my mantel?” to “What kind of shoe looks best with…”, I pull out that particular file category.  You probably don’t want to go to the extreme of having an entire filing cabinet dedicated to this like I do (it’s become an incredible resource for me in working with clients so I now have a good excuse!), but having a couple matching your favorite (or wanna-be favorite) categories is a great way to find inspiration and create more of what you wish for but not quite sure how to get.

Come back soon (OR SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG for immediate notification of new post!) for more on:

  • How I (usually!) am able to stick to my budget AND find great stuff (this is also a WONDERFUL – and SIMPLE – thing you can do with kids)
  • A few of my favorite places to keep up with style (the fashion-kind!)
  • How I keep all of these tear-outs organized – and find the time to even go through the magazines! (As you can see from the photograph, I’m still working on this.  I’ll let you know if  I have any success….)
  • Thinking you’re doing a good thing – but are you?  A BIG pitfall that can quickly clutter any home.
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