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Our Order Makeover Giveaway: Who’s NOT Eligible

May 7, 2010

When ANGELA HARRIS DESIGN’s April newsletter announced our Order Makeover Giveaway, I received an entry from my husband… nominating OUR CHILDREN.  Although they would make great little before & afters, it might seem rigged.  (Plus, it’s not too cool to have children that don’t exemplify being organized when their mom has a company that touts order.)

Well, my kids are just like me. (See Disclaimer post from a few weeks ago.) We make strides in the right direction (and then fall a few steps back sometimes) but overall – what an improvement order has made for us!  Good habits started at a young age will become invaluable as our children get older – and make our lives as parents much easier – even in the short term.

For me, the hard part is taking the time (and having the patience) to help them learn these habits – and then being consistent with maintaining them. (I know, it’s hard enough to do this for ourselves, much less our kids!)

The good news is that summer is right around the corner.  With school not on the calendar, summer is an ideal time to bring more order to your homewith the help of your kidsFollow along this summer to see how your kids (and you) can make your home run smoother.  I’ll be sharing what we’re doing and how it’s going.

By the way, my children may not be eligible for the contest – but my husband is.  (I made him read my newsletter but let’s see if he reads my blog….)


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