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Advice I’ll never forget . . . from someone I’ll never forget

April 25, 2010

Today is my grandmother’s birthday (she passed away about 2 1/ 2 years ago) and when I realized this afternoon that today was “April 24th” I began thinking about her and our memories together.

She was NEVER one to give advice. {Unlike my other grandmother who gave it whether you wanted it or not!  I think I got that trait from her – always finding “such good articles” that I’ll tear out and mail -or forward, thanks to the internet- to my “lucky” loved ones.  She meant well and I still cherish the letters and articles that she sent to me many years ago.  Even though both of my grandmothers were very different, both made a tremendous impact on my life.}

But back to Grandmama . . . The last few years of her life she had dementia and slowly began loosing the ability to communicate as she once did.*    Since I lived several hours away, I was only able to see her every few months.  I’ll never forget the last time I said goodbye to her while she still was able to clearly say what she was thinking.  Dogs / kids already in the car, I gave her one last hug (with tears in my eyes – as always – when I would have to say goodbye… and just as I do now as I type this post), and she said, “Take care of yourself.”  And I replied, “Okay.  You, too.”  But then she said, “No, YOU need to TAKE – CARE – OF – YOURSELF.”

How incredible that advice was to me.  I’d heard it a lot (from all of my magazines, Oprah, etc.) but never truly realized how badly I needed to do just that.  It was as if I needed to hear it at just that time from just that person for it to really click. We probably have intentions of doing better at it (and I’m not just talking eating healthy and exercising).  But . . . there are SO many of us that put ourselves last on the list.  Maybe reading this will help it click with you.  If you’re in need of not just making it through the days but truly making something of them, stay tuned to our May newsletter, out soon….

* This was a huge part of me starting DearBook many years ago.  Both of my grandmothers had dementia during their later years. We all have such incredible stories and if not preserved in some way, they are lost.  I always wanted to somehow record them telling the big and little things they would tell me about but never got around to it.  This is why I’m so passionate about the Legacy album – plan to have it out in the fall –  which will help families do this.

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