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DISCLAIMER: Please Read!

April 12, 2010

Before getting too far into my new blog, I must disclose this D I S C L A I M E R :

Organization has become a primary part of my new company – bringing order to one’s surroundings.  I have quite a passion for this and helping others bring more of it into their lives where it’s most needed.  And I think I’m pretty darn good at it.  However, I have days where one may second-guess my SANITY in adding organization to my job description…


Showing up at the baseball field just in time to see my child’s team finishing up their team pictures (maybe they can photo shop him in?) And to make it worse, my family was in town for the Gate River Run and we (those of us that didn’t run this year) spent half the morning doing our hair/makeup/outfits (my sister is a fabulous stylist – when she’s in town is when my hair turns blonder and my lashes double in size : ).  Anyway, it was obvious as we came prancing in to the ballpark (overdressed) that we’d had plenty of time to get OURSELVES ready.  (Please note: We were heading to our traditional after-the-run place we’ve been going for 14 years to celebrate making it across the RR finish line.  So we weren’t going to all that trouble JUST for a little league game.)

Birthday Card


Having my best of friends’ birthday card sitting right here, ready to be mailed.  I hope it makes it to SC by her birthday – oh no, it was yesterday. Guess it won’t make it.  (These days, most of my friends get a Facebook Happy Birthday message but Elissa is one of the most caring, sweet friends – so considerate and ALWAYS thinks of me with just the right card.  So I really wanted to do the same for her this year.  Elissa, this post is dedicated to you – Encouraging you to celebrate your birthday WEEK not just day – then my card should actually make it in time.)


Speaking of S A N I T Y . . . I have had to let go of perfection and it’s one of the best things I’ve said goodbye to. My past-coach & good friend Kathryn told me, “Organization is a journey.” It’s not black and white.  You aren’t either an organized person or an unorganized person.

What I notice is that for me it’s a “3 steps forward, 1 step back” kind of thing.  (When you think you have it all together…you know how that goes.) Organization has made an incredible impact in my life:  home, family, business, wardrobe, schedule – but I surely have times when I don’t have it all together.  But by gradually building more order into my life, when things get absolutely CHAOTIC (which will happen for all of us from time to time), getting back on track is not nearly as daunting.  And letting go of that perfection is extremely liberating and, when order is infused into your foundation, can actually move you much faster to where you’d really wish to be.

P.S. Having friends who love you just as you are is another good, good thing.  (That’s another blog post in the works.)  Thank you & love you, Elissa : )

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